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  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Copyright infringements
  • Design right infringements
  • Trade mark disputes and passing off
  • Domain name disputes
  • Patent infringements
  • Breach of confidence, privacy and defamation

Our IP litigators offer the full range of dispute resolution services from High Court and Supreme Court proceedings through to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


Legal review of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Land & Asset title and ownership, mining rights, asset lease agreement, contracts with employees/unions, Loan and security documentation, Government of India (GOI) guarantees & its covenants, purchase/sale contracts, status of statutory liabilities, outstanding litigations & status of contingent liabilities, domestic/ international contracts maintenance /service contracts and other contracts/ agreements.

  • General review of the confidential information memorandum, disclaimers and disclosures related to outstanding litigations and contingent liabilities.
  • Review of Request for Participation.
  • Assist and advice in arrangement: for due diligence exercises and date room preparation. Drafting of transaction related legal documents.
  • Assist in negotiation with the strategic Alliance Partners and/or their lawyers in finalization of the above agreements.
  • Facilitating ‘closing’ of the transaction and assisting in any issue that may arise in connection with the transaction.
  • Matter relating to company formation.
  • Opinions in respect of any other legal issues that may be referred from time to time in respect of legal / contractual documents.


Members of our commercial team provide advice on an extensive range of issues. Our work focuses on drafting and negotiating relationship agreements, joint ventures, outsourcing, public procurement and facilities management, sale of goods, sponsorship agreements, and standard terms of business, the supply of services, agency, purchasing and distribution. We advise on inward investment and the establishment of businesses in India. Our Corporate and Commercial practice offers:

  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Franchising
  • Insurance
  • Import and export financing
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • IT


  • We advise on all aspects relating to M and A transactions including: transaction organization, management and documentation legal risk management – due diligence and warranties
  • Regulatory and financing issues
  • Tax structuring
  • Environmental issues
  • Employment


  • Loan Agreements/Bridge Loan Documents
  • Debenture Subscription Agreement
  • Debenture Trust Deeds
  • Deed of Mortgage/ Creation of Mortgage by deposit of Title Deeds
  • Deed of Hypothecation, Guarantee, Promissory Notes, etc
  • Share Pledge Agreements
  • Deferred Payment Guarantees
  • Underwriting Contracts
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Investigation of title of properties offered as security
  • Credit Agreements
  • Inter Creditor Agreements
  • Concession Agreements
  • BOT Contracts
  • O and M Agreements
  • Instructing of the tender process and preparation of tender documentation
  • Assistance on the preparation of enabling legislation& Bidding strategy

The firm acts for a variety of clients in all types of banking, finance, and capital market transactions. Our experience in structuring, negotiating, and documenting financial transactions is supported by extensive experience in tailoring such transactions to all relevant legal, regulatory, and tax requirements.

Real Estate

Each state in India has its own rules and legislations governing the use of land as well as purchase, ownership and sale of immovable property. In most parts of India, the state government has identified various tracts of land in its jurisdiction for specific usage under Master Plans. Various approvals and clearances from state and local government agencies are needed before land can be used for a different purpose.

These differences could affect clients in different ways depending on whether theyplan to rent, lease, build-to-suit or buy land to construct your own facilities in India. Clients need to understand the applicable land use and property ownership and transfer laws applicable to the relevant states prior to making any investments so that their business is not affected.

Establishing clear and undisputed title to property is complicated, due to factors such as incomplete computerization of land records, non-availability of old records, cases of fabricated records, etc.Multiple local authorities are responsible for various approvals andoften, all underlying documentation is in the local language. Given these dynamics, it is very important to conduct a thorough due diligence through a professional having expertise and knowledge on the local laws and having experience in handling practical situations is essential.

Pradhan Legal specialist real estate practice comprises lawyers with extensive experience in advising clients on a range of matters pertaining to real estate in different states.

Our Services :

  • Drafting
  • Drafting of deeds like agreements for sale, sale deeds, lease deeds, settlement deeds, partition deeds, will, lease, license agreement etc.
  • Assistance in the registration process
  • Infrastructure Projects

Preparation Of :

  • Expression of Interest
  • RFP/RFQ/Concession agreement
  • Feasibility report including technical and financial plans for various options under PPP mode
  • Joint Venture Development
  • Drafting Joint Development Agreements for developing commercial and residential properties
  • Advising on tax implications on the transaction structure
  • Advising on investment structure and options available
  • Title Investigation
  • Verification of original document
  • Physical inspection of the site
  • Carrying out personal searches with the concerned statutory authority
  • Issuing Report on Title
  • Assistance in compliance with requirements of notices in newspapers regarding proposed purchase or sale of property.
  • Assistance in conversion of land use classification, if required
  • Assistance in the process of obtaining land ceiling exemption, if required
  • Our experience straddles real estate for commercial, hospitality, industrial, educational, leisure and other purposes. Clients of our Real Estate practice include Indian and foreign companies, real estate agents, hoteliers, banks/financial institutions and government authorities.

Motor Vehicle :

  • Services Offered
  • Stage Carriage Permit
  • Contact Carriage Permit
  • Special Permit
  • National Permit
  • Registration of Vehicles
  • Motor Accident Claim Cases.